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My IVVC Game

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IVVC has taught me two things, the C++ coding language and the Unreal Engine, a game making tool. C++ is a coding language, and learning it is very much like learning another real language. Learning a coding language is just learning how to speak to a computer in order to tell it what you want it to do.

Computers seem like really smart machines, but in reality computers are very dumb and need to be told exactly what to do, in a very specific way. If you program a computer to play chess, then tell it to play checkers, even though they are very similar, the computer would have no clue where to even begin, and will try and play chess.

The Unreal Engine is a piece of software that lets you create entire games. A game most of you might have at least heard the name of is Fortnite, which was made with the Unreal Engine.

I am currently in the making of my first game using the Unreal Engine. By “first” I don’t mean a class assignment that has a due date; this game I am working on is a personal project that I plan on adding to the Google and Apple app stores for all to enjoy. I have been working on this all alone with very little help from others, so finishing this game will be a huge accomplishment for me and I will be very proud of myself.

Learning C++ has really improved my problem solving skills, making figuring out how to do things in the Unreal Engine a lot easier on my own. IVVC has been the best part of my day, and I can’t wait to learn more to better my future.

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