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Mrs. Dannewitz with Graphics students Trevor D. and Wes W. (Leland) and Jewel H. (Plano).

The Power of Discovering

After participating in the VALEES-sponsored project, "œLiving miDream," we have a new answer for the question, "œWhat do you want to do with your life?" (Chances are we are going to change our minds several times along the way, but that's okay.) A unique thing about this project is that everyone is a participant. Teachers, counselors and students all work and discover together. We started out by asking . . . read more

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Firefighter Survival, Ladders and Forcible Entry

During the last few weeks of Fire Science, students have been working with ladders, learning forcible entry skills, along with techniques for firefighter survival and rapid intervention teams. During the ladder portion, students learned how to properly carry different types and sizes of ladders. They had the opportunity to . . . read more

Construction Technology Students Renovate Spaces

The school year began with our safety agenda and preliminary bookwork to prep for working with power and hand tools. When that was completed, we did a ‘demo’ on an existing deck; we removed the handrail, stairs and original decking. We power-washed and re-used the original framing to look almost new - thus recycling and . . . read more

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