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The Challenging Work of Writing Code

This is my first year in IVVC and I am extremely delighted with my decision to take Computer Programming. The main reason for taking this class was that I really wanted to know if I wanted to pursue a career in Computer Programming. Computer Programming is a very fun, yet challenging class. We are currently learning to write code in C++ language and using the compiler Microsoft Visual Studio. C++ is a general purpose . . . read more

Students Benefit from Hands-On Learning

As a student in IVVC Auto Tech, you get the benefit and experience of hands-on learning on actual customer vehicles.  We take the first few weeks to learn shop safety and then from there, the first year students learn how to do a proper oil change. After that they start learning about tires and suspension, and learn how to diagnose . . . read more

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Students practice CPR skills.

Basic Skills - A Prerequisite to Working at Nursing Home

The Health Occupations CNA class is off and rolling! We just completed our CPR training and we are all now certified in Health Care Provider CPR.  We have learned how to wash our hands. It may sound funny, but there is a right and a wrong way to wash and dry your hands. Along with washing our hands, we learned . . . read more


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