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Students Prepare for Engine Competitions

The IVVC Auto Technology class has been preparing for an engine competition at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles. The engine team consists of five students in the morning and afternoon classes.  Four of the students work on taking the engine apart and putting the engine back together, while the fifth student stands behind a table organizing the parts and oiling them before they reassemble the engine. The goal is to . . . read more

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Kyle is using a rosebud tip on an oxy-fuel set-up to preheat his flower for an oil quenching process.

Students Hone Welding Skills with Projects

This year in Welding & Fabrication we learned how to Arc weld, MIG weld, and Oxy-Fuel weld. We are going to start TIG welding in the 4th quarter. With each of these welding methods, we start by practicing beads on scrap metal. We have to show Mr. Hipple each of our beads so he can demonstrate what we are doing . . . read more

Pittsburgh Drill Sharpens Students’ RIT Rescue Skills

Fire Science students have been working on firefighter survival and rapid intervention company operations. Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) are companies established on the fire ground to perform rescue of a downed firefighter. They have been learning how to search for, package and remove an injured firefighter from low air emergencies, . . . read more


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