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Drafting Designs with Minecraft

In Drafting & Design at IVVC we get a chance to use the program ‘Minecraft’ to create scale models of things in a very simplistic fashion. A current project we are working on is creating an observation tower to scale in creative mode with a group of 3-4 other students. The idea is not to copy something, but create what we think would be a good but also creative idea for an observation tower while still maintaining the . . . read more

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Chicago Bulls Talk Careers

On Tuesday, November 4, the Sports Medicine/Management class traveled to Chicago’s United Center to attend the Chicago Bulls Annual Career Day. During the presentations, students heard stories from current Bulls employees about how they ended up in their current position. The importance of “putting yourself out . . . read more

Clinicals - Performing the Care We Have Learned

It’s clinical time in Health Occupations – CNA! At this time we have been attending clinicals. At clinicals we perform the care we have learned about in the classroom. In class we have lectures on chapters and we also do labs. In lab it is practice time in an appropriate manner. This is where we do hands-on things . . . read more

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