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IVVC Partners with Harvest Chapel

Two groups of volunteers from Harvest Chapel came out on two consecutive Saturday mornings this fall to IVVC to help relocate their playground.  One group disassembled the playground equipment and another group of volunteers reassembled it in its new location and spread several yards of mulch.  The playground equipment is a favorite among the preschool children that attend IVVC and will get a lot of use in the new location. . . .

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Pre-Engineering Product Improvement Project

This week in PLTW, each student received a hobby model kit of either a race car, helicopter, sailboat, or airplane from the dollar store. The goal of this assignment is to take that kit and improve the design of it so a customer would pay two dollars for the kit. First, we had to document all of the parts, their dimensions and how the kit is assembled in our engineering notebooks. From there we modeled all of the documented parts . . .

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Applied Math Builds Vending Machines, Learns About Functions!

Are you tired of big math textbooks and daydreaming in class when you're teacher is just talking nonsense? This is where applied math comes in! There is no sitting behind a textbook and dozing off in class anymore. We do hands-on projects that transport us out of the normal classroom environment. We have made things like vending machines, mini golf courses and more. When it came time to build our vending machines, we had to . . .

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CNA Students Learn Care Skills

A CNA is a certified nursing assistant who help residents or patients either in a nursing home, clinic, or hospital. We start with classroom lectures to learn patient focused care skills that we will apply in clinicals that start up in January. We will be doing clinicals at Hillside nursing home in Yorkville. Some skills include taking vital signs, making an occupied bed, helping patients maintain their personal hygiene, PPE . . .

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