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News from the IVVC Green Team

The 2014-2015 IVVC Green Team members have been working on several projects:   Green Team members teamed up with Graphic Design students to create a cool battery recycling container that resembles a very large battery. Students and staff are encouraged to use this visible reminder to protect the environment when they dispose of old batteries.  A special thanks goes to Mrs. Dannewitz and her students, Kylie . . .

Students Create Boom and Bridge Structures, Recycled Projects

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This month in Welding and Fabrication has been an exciting one; there have been lots of projects and endless things to do in the shop. We started off by making our “boom” structures as a class. After that, we began working on building the “bridge” structures with the Drafting and Design class, and . . .

Law Enforcement Students Participate in Krav Maga Instruction

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Students recently participated in a Krav Maga instruction. Krav Maga or "contact combat" is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from Boxing, Judo, Aikido and Wrestling, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on . . .

Current Highlights

Repairs on an Olds and a Mercury

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In Auto Body Repair we are currently working on several vehicles, two of which include a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora and a 1977 Mercury Comet. The Oldsmobile is being repaired after a front collision and damage to the driver’s side quarter panel. It is now on our EZ Liner S21 that helps us repair and straighten the . . .

Students Prepare for Engine Competitions

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The IVVC Auto Technology class has been preparing for an engine competition at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles. The engine team consists of five students in the morning and afternoon classes.  Four of the students work on taking the engine apart and putting the engine back together, while the fifth student stands behind a . . .

Students Working in IVVC Addition

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The Construction Technology students are finally able to get started with their portion of work in the new Health Wing addition this week. LITE Construction Company has pulled off their job with their work 90% complete, so the space is now heated and has lighting available for student work. The first thing we are going . . .

Students Get Experience as Servers

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How many of you have had a bad experience at a restaurant because of poor service? Maybe you waited too long to be seated, or your beverage never got refilled, or your server didn’t have answers to any of your questions about the menu.  This semester the Culinary Arts class is learning how important good service is to a . . .

Interior Design Project

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Our class had the opportunity to do an interior design project for a basement that was being finished. This is a great project to do because the outcome has an infinite amount of possibilities, and it really lets each one of us truly express our style and imagination through our designs. It is interesting to see what each one of us . . .

February in the Early Childhood Development Class

This past month our Early Childhood classroom and lab were quite busy. We had our Valentine’s Day party where the children brought in valentines and shared them with their friends. The children decorated mailboxes and then walked around the circle and handed them to each of their friends. While in the classroom on Tuesday, . . .

IVVC Preschool Calendars

There is always something fun going on in preschool! Please check out the monthly calendar buttons in the upper right corner of this page for specific details. 

Pittsburgh Drill Sharpens Students’ RIT Rescue Skills

Fire Science students have been working on firefighter survival and rapid intervention company operations. Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) are companies established on the fire ground to perform rescue of a downed firefighter. They have been learning how to search for, package and remove an injured firefighter from low air emergencies, . . .

Design it. Print it. Wear it!

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IVVC Spirit-Wear apparel is rolling off the production line in Graphics under the direction of our student-run business, IVVCgraphicTs Custom Apparel. GTs designed IVVC logos and advertised imprints on shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and sweat pants to students and staff. All the apparel will be delivered to our customers before spring . . .

Finishing Clinicals, and Readying for State Exam!

I t is all becoming real in our Health Occupations CNA class. Students just finished up their clinicals last week. This is bittersweet for most all the students. They are excited that they are nearing the end of school and are almost done learning all the information that is necessary to take the Illinois State CNA . . .

Exploring Students Master Skills!

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Health Occupation Exploring students have been busy this quarter learning about body systems and cavities. Currently the students are learning the importance of and mastering the skills of vital signs. The students are also gearing up to experience a variety of job shadow experiences at the local health care facilities next quarter. 

Law Enforcement Students Become Writers!

Law Enforcement is not always about arresting people and engaging in airsoft scenarios. This week, students spent a considerable amount of time learning to write. They had to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and all of the other grammar rules. They were required to write stories, definitions and sentences like we did in . . .

Local Paramedics Facilitate Spine Boarding Exercise

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Sports Medicine students recently finished learning about the spine and injuries that can occur to it. Cervical spine (neck) injuries can be catastrophic to an athlete, causing paralysis or even death. Unfortunately, they do sometimes occur in sports, and can be made worse by moving the athlete. In order to learn how to properly care . . .

Students Hone Welding Skills with Projects

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This year in Welding & Fabrication we learned how to Arc weld, MIG weld, and Oxy-Fuel weld. We are going to start TIG welding in the 4th quarter. With each of these welding methods, we start by practicing beads on scrap metal. We have to show Mr. Hipple each of our beads so he can demonstrate what we are doing . . .

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IVVC's Spirit Day - Friday, August 29, 2014

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IVVC's Spirit Day - August 29, 2014

Health Wing Addition Update

Construction of the new IVVC health wing is well underway with the exterior 90% completed and interior walls all constructed. The interior framing was performed by Mike Lobdell and crew of Miter Construction with the help of our Construction Tech students. Charlie Bohnstedt of CJ Power in Sandwich is installing the electrical rough . . .

IVVC Green Team Serves School and Community

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The Indian Valley Vocational Center (IVVC) Green Team went to work on October 16-17 removing litter and planting a tree. Green Team members began by picking up bags of litter at Harvey Creek Conservation area. Later that day, other members planted an Autumn Blaze Maple tree on the northeast corner of IVVC. The tree was purchased . . .

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IVVC Students of the Month

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